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Just got an unsolicited attaboy from ClueTrainee Frank Paynter. Took the opportunity to visit his Sandhill site, where he has posted a remarkably human interview with Annie Mason, a self-confessed Blog Virgin. This is what happens when two people who can write get together.


The Collapsing of Virtual Space

On the Cluetrain List, David Weinberger wrote:

> Our friend Marek, whom most of us met through this list, is in the
> hospital.

There were links to details on friends' blogs, and more details on the list. I posted:

Re: Marek

Tell Marek that I'm pissed at his stunt. I've been observing radio
silence for months while I dealt with "other issues" and he pulls this
dramatic shit to get me back in the conversation.

Okay, some spontaneous verse:

Mad Pole

Marek, you climb through the hole to the street surface,
a mad Pole in search of a clue in the pointless forest.
You clever observer, you lover and despiser of good and otherwise
Singer of many songs, all languages native to your tongue
You have hit the one true note
We have heard it and our hearts resonate in accord
Remember your body is a sounding board
All the harmonies of the earth converge on your heart
We are with you and in you
We find that humanity we feared was lost
Godspeed back to us
Who miss your voice.

The amazing thing was that people who knew Marek only through the "virtuality" of cyberspace began calling his hospital room, and even showing up (presumably with flowers or kielbasa). The medium of communication was suddenly quite insufficient to carry the message. So much for those who draw bright lines, "Is he a real friend or a web friend?" The person I know is Marek, not some fiction of internet slight of hand.

Soon, good news:

David Weinberger wrote:

I spoke with Marek Friday night at 6 EDT and he seemed really good. It's
an intestinal infection ("something-itis" says Marek) that they're
treating with antibiotics. He should be home on Sunday.


(Okay, it should have been "we who miss your voice," but I was a little verklempt.)


my first fan-e-mail

On Tue, 9 Jul 2002 03:25:03 -0400 "Chris B____" writes:
> Hey Martin-
> We were kinda f-ed up and decided to go to Google and type in the
> first thing that came to mind. It was "fulcrum" and your web site
> came
> up. We read your poem at the same time together with enthusiasm and
> figured we had to write you a letter, together. So hey . . great
> job.
> Great choice of words. Are you an android? I know you
> understand!!!!
> If so write us back at majentacream@knowhere.com
> Later,
> Marielle and Chris

Where to start...?

"fulcrum" was the first thing that came to mind? That was the *last* thing that came to my mind when I was trying to figure out what to call my blog. I'm not sure if that counts as convergence or anything like that.

As far as androids, I guess if I were one, I might understand. But I'm writing back anyway, so maybe I am an android after all. That would explain a lot, actually.

By virtue of your message, you qualify as my first fans, outside of actual relatives and friends I have pestered into visiting the site. In recognition of this, I will extemporize a verse for the occasion:

Android 1.0

I try to sleep
But my bones are ill-fitting
the shoulders creak
the waterbed pushes at me
In the morning I brew, brush and floss
Join the stream of traffic headed
to the center
Park, lock, clock in
Do my time at the screen
File out

I am commuting with the populace
I am wracked by drive through ATM withdrawl
I am buggy with disjointed e-motion

I am sliding my card through the reader
I am trying trying trying to recall my PIN
5-6-7-8 schlemiel, schlmozzle
For some reason
I think it may be time for a beer

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