"Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum strong enough, and single-handed I can move the world." - Archimedes Martin Jensen makes commentaries on real issues, or at least interesting essays. Banality filter is on.


An old poem

Eating When Hungry,
      Sleeping When Weary

Bought flannel sheets for my bed
Like a woman's skin to my cheek
They are twice what I thought I would pay
But reward my dreams four-fold

And I find myself
Moving from one appropriate moment
      to the next
My purse always clean
My rooms piled high with gifts


Another Old Poem

Taking Monday On

I am paid too much by the hour
The ticking clock slowed and amplified
To thud heavily against any
Small tinkling of idleness

Idolatry – that putting up of
      image as grander than the
      true thing – rears its gargoyle
      clockfaced head
I smash it with a thin book of verse,
The point
      of this pen
A deliberate taza de café
Reinvigorating the tiny God-within-
With an hour, a full morning of
      wasteful worship
Flying in the face of the metronomic sabbathday
      of workweek

January 1998

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